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What people have to say about "Play Checkers with Me"

Play Checkers with Me is a simple book with easy to understand and illustrated directions and tips on how to play checkers. Also includes checkers do's and don'ts. A fun way for kids to learn checkers and also learn to find other ways to do something instead of getting angry.
Christina Lewis
Kids Books Shelf

Play Checkers with Me is a charming chidren’s book (Ages 3-7) about a six-year old dinosaur named Aaron, who likes to play checkers. When his mother and father are too busy to play with him, Aaron teaches his younger brother, four-year old Benjamin to play. Red and Black illustrations are used for the checker sets. While some of us cringe at the very mention of these colors, they are the sets that most children have in their toy chests.
The basic theme of the story concerns sibling harmony and is worth considering as a present to some child. The basic rules are colorfully and imaginatively described in terms that a child can undersand.
Al Darrow
The American Checkers' Federation Bulletin

Play Checkers with Me is not only a story of sibling harmony but also might be the most colorful and entertaining set of checkers instructions ever printed.
Jill Smith

Charming, eye-catching illustrations combine with practical information in this children's book about playing checkers. It's aimed at very young children and the bright colorful drawings are sure to catch their attention. The simple story is an interesting way to introduce children to the game of checkers, and the sibling interaction adds to the fun. A good way to introduce a young child to the always popular game of checkers.
Cheryl Coon
Lutra Press

A really creative, playful story. Everyone should enjoy this!
Lisa Ann

Play Checkers with Me is a whimsical picture book with vibrant, colorful illustrations.
Jennifer McCammon
Parents' Board at
Portland Family Magazine

The text, while it provides step-by-step directions for playing checkers, is not didactic nor disjointed. The story line flows smoothly from beginning to end.
The multimedia illustrations are lively, bright, large, and childlike.
Kimberly Wagner
Education Oasis

A cute book which teaches how to play checkers. Also points out that little siblings "can do it, too". I'd like it even better if it didn't talk so much about checkers until the "appendix" at the end.
D.R. Thompson
Moms Book Thing

I like the illustrations and the story line and the fact that readers canlearn realistic info about playing checkers. I think it will inspire kids to play.
I will certainly consider it for a future issue of Grandma's Book Letter.
Kaye Exo
Grandma’s Book Letter

Your new book looks fantastic.
Book/Web promoter at Substance Books

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